Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Kid car seat

So Gracie has officially moved out of the 'infant' stage and into a toddler!!! Since she was still under 20 lbs on her 1st birthday we were not able to move her to her new big girl car seat, but we have now met the required weight of 20+ lbs! Whoohoo!

Here she is on her first trip in her new forward facing car seat. Oh how the time is flying by!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11th 2008

My mother's day this year was perfect. I had a massage on Saturday, then we went to Adrienne & Bryan's to swim and BBQ.

On Sunday, Steve took us all to the park for a picnic. We had Popeye's (my favorite!) and played in the park. Gracie really enjoyed the swings. Then she spent the rest of the time running away from us.


I got the idea of creating a blog from Bryan (my brother-in-law) when he told me the other day that he had made one for their family. It is so cute and such a good idea, so I figured I would copy it! Plus there might have been some mention of starting a competition to see who's child was the best based on when they met certain milestones like their first word, walking, get the point. And what better way to track milestones than in a blog.

As for the competition, we are currently in the lead with heaviest baby at birth. GO GRACIE!

1 Point Hand/Quiroz
0 Chagoly

More to come on the 'most awesome baby' competition. For now, we'll just be posting the special moments and memories happening in our lives every day.