Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I got the idea of creating a blog from Bryan (my brother-in-law) when he told me the other day that he had made one for their family. It is so cute and such a good idea, so I figured I would copy it! Plus there might have been some mention of starting a competition to see who's child was the best based on when they met certain milestones like their first word, walking, get the point. And what better way to track milestones than in a blog.

As for the competition, we are currently in the lead with heaviest baby at birth. GO GRACIE!

1 Point Hand/Quiroz
0 Chagoly

More to come on the 'most awesome baby' competition. For now, we'll just be posting the special moments and memories happening in our lives every day.

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Bryan & Adrienne Chagoly said...

Your brother in law Bryan sounds like a genius ;-) You should copy everything he says and does.