Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh no, she can climb!

Yes, not only can she crawl, walk, and run, but now Gracie is climbing. This has been going on for a while. She started a while back by climbing on a tool box that I had in the kitchen. Then she moved to standing on top of her toy table. Then she got a table and chairs for her birthday. So she climbed up and down, and up and down on those chairs all day long. Well today, I guess she was ready for a big girl chair, because she just climbed right up and had a seat....then slide right off! I guess I will need to stock up on band-aids and floor pillows.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pool Party with a slight chance of rain...

This weekend was a good one. It started with a pool party at the Spencer's Le Chateau on Friday. Heather picked me up and we headed down to South Texas. We got to the pool, opened a beer, and here came the rain. So after about 5 minutes of trying to wait it out, we changed plans and ran inside (but not before I could snap this hot picture!).

The rain pasted quickly, so we were able to sit outside and enjoy the rest of our beer. That was until Alex showed up and almost ran us all over in the Pooper Trooper. ;-)

We had company on Saturday and Sunday, Jimmy & Jill. They were down for a concert at Carlos n Charlies. We hung out and had fun, then got lots of needed rest on Sunday.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

KQ turns the big 27!

I am the big 27 this year. I don't feel older, or old, or different, I just know that it was my special day which means that Steve has to be extra nice to me for a few days and I get some extra pampering, so I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! I had several celebrations this year, one night Steve grilled dinner. We had steak, pork tenderloins, the works. We played out in the yard with Gracie and had a few glasses of wine while Gracie enjoyed a Bud Light...can.

Then I had an adults night out! Heather, Mike, Steve, The Spencer's, Jordan & Drew were all there. And lots of Steve's friends from Countrywide made it out too. We had a great time, no pictures to prove it, but that is probably best. ;-)

Then on Saturday, the family came into Austin to celebrate. Mormor was able to make it and she got to meet Ethan for the first time. We had pizza, cake and presents. It was the perfect day and a wonderful birthday. =)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ethan has arrived!

We finally got to meet the new member of our family....On Friday, May 23rd, Ethan Connor Chagoly was born! Ethan was so excited to meet everyone, that he arrived two weeks early. He is a happy, health baby, and a Gemini (like his auntie); what more could we ask for! =)