Friday, April 3, 2009

KQ goes to India

Yes, that is correct, I arrived in India on Sunday. I am here for work. I started a new job this week who’s home office is in India; so I am here for two weeks to complete training. The flight was LONG…..Austin to Atlanta…then Atlanta to Mumbai. FIFTEEN HOURS. But you all know me, I either slept or watched TV the whole time. Three movies in all, Made of Honor, 007, and Slumdog Millionaire. Heather was so nice to loan me several books for my long trip….but I have yet to open one. Sorry friend. :(
So, I got here on Sunday and found my way around the airport and then out to find my taxi. The company has a car service with a very infamous driver named Javed. Everyone told me ‘he is the best!’. So imagine my surprise when I got in the car and we sped off at top speed, honking at everyone, nearly missing people, cars, buildings, etc. Well, now that I have been here almost a week now, I to agree, HE IS THE BEST! But people really should give a disclaimer of how people drive in India.

Everything has been great so far. My hotel is very nice, the service is amazing and the people are so incredibly friendly. I haven’t ventured out on the food side of things, as most of you know I don’t even eat dark meat chicken much less food from a street vendor, but this weekend I have plans to go shopping, visit the Gateway to India, and to various museums so I’ll try to sample some of the local cuisine. But fortunately, probably because of my eating habits, I have yet to get sick. WHOOHOO!

Here are a few pictures I have taken so far. Miss you all! See you soon. :)

(View of the city from my hotel)

(My hotel)

(Looking out the car window....)

(Notice the light is red, yet we are all going through it)

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