Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Conversations with a 2 Year Old

Last night I was giving Gracie a bath and the conversation was just to priceless not to share. Enjoy!

The bath started off as normal...bubbles...singing...playing with her ABC letters, etc....then the chatting really kicked off!

(Gracie sees her reflection in the metal faucet)
Gracie: Mommy, I see my boobies.
KQ: Oh really?
Gracie: Yes, mommy. Look my boobies.
KQ: Yes Gracie, I see them.
KQ: Oh sorry...

A few minutes go by, we sing the ABC’s a few times...

Gracie: Mommy, I have a booboo on my knee.
(I look, no visible injury)
KQ: Oh no, how did that happen?
Gracie: Daddy hit me.
KQ: Daddy hit your knee?
Gracie: Yes, daddy hit my knee, Bailey hit my knee, Caileb hit my knee, Desiree hit my knee.....
(you get the idea)

More singing, more playing, then time comes to wash her hair. So I put soap in her hair and she is standing up so I can rinse it out using a big cup filled with water.

Gracie: Mommy, not get water in my eyes!
KQ: Ok I won’t. Keep your head back.
Gracie: Mommy, the water is going in my butt!
KQ: What?
Gracie: It is going from my hair to my butt!!
KQ: Oh, sorry....

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Heather said...

OMG I love this kid. At least she didn't start doing that 'dance' she did at the beach when she saw that reflection. ;)