Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dad's Birthday

My dad's birthday was July 16th. We decided to spend the day in Austin. Mom, Dad, Adrienne, Bryan and Ethan all met at our house since the little princess, Gracie, needed her nap. I had planned to hold Ethan until the grandparents got there, but Dad was early so I missed out on my uninterrupted special Ethan time. Way to go dad! But since it was his special day, I let it slip. ;-)

After listening to Bryan describe all his favorite 'hole in the wall' asian food places (a.k.a dead roasted ducks hanging from the ceiling), we decided to go to P.F.Changs for lunch --we'll let dad try Bryan's places on a 'guys online' lunch. We all ordered something different and shared. It was really good, but although we were stuffed, we couldn't pass up a chance for some Amy's Ice cream. So we headed over to Amy's, got some tasty ice cream and then sat out in the park at the Arboretum and enjoyed desert while Gracie led Steve all over the park. After about 30 minutes of running from all the adults, she finally got tired, so we packed up and headed back home.

It was such a fun day. love you Dad!

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