Sunday, July 27, 2008

July and the Escape Artist

Wow! What a month. July. July. July.
First off, my job has been very busy. We had a big launch for the Arizona Back to School campaign. We had been working on it for months and the countdown ended on July 1oth. It really turned out amazing; but I was ready to wrap it up after months of hard work and many many late nights. (Check it out and
Then, Steve started a new job at a company called Marsh. He was really excited to start and see what new opportunities it opens up for him. We also celebrated my dad's birthday this month (more about that below) and then this weekend was Heather's Baby Shower.

And, while all this was going on, Gracie was busy planning her escape.....
Yes, it is true, Gracie escaped from the house. Well only for a minute, but OMG!
It all started a few weeks ago when she realized she could put things outside through the doggy door. It was like her secret hiding place. We found bowls, shoes, toys, cups, etc., all in a little pile right outside by the doggy door.

So there we were, in the living room, just hanging out. Steve asked, "where is Gracie?" We both figured that she was playing in the kitchen, but we didn't hear her, which is not normal. So Steve go up to look around, and there she was....on our porch. She had escaped through Scooter's doggy door and was so happy with the thought that she had figured out a way to get outside without Mommy or Daddy. So Steve ran outside and scooped her up. Gracie kicked and screamed on the way back inside, and then sat at the doggy door and cried when Steve closed it.
Well unfortunately for her AND Scooter, her new found way outside remains closed. So if Scooter didn't despise her before, he really does now!

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